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Overview of Terms

Energy Smart is a Savings Service provided by Energy Smart.

This Overview is intended as a simplified summary of the Terms under which this Service is offered. Your use of the Service is subject to the full Energy Smart Terms of Service embedded in this page below. We urge you to read the full Terms of Service. If there is discrepancy between this Overview and the Full Terms of Service, the Full Terms of Service will prevail.

Energy Smart is offered as tool to:

  • Help you to select the most cost effective Plan,
  • Assist and facilitate you to switch between Retailers and Plans, and
  • Monitor Bills to ensure you remain on a competitive Plan.

To use the Service, You will need to provide information, including Personal Information, and pre-authorise an annual subscription payment:

  • You will need to provide the Service with an electricity bill which will allow the Service to analyse and compare the generally available Energy Plans available and relevant to you.
  • You will need to pre-authorise a credit card payment for the annual service subscription fee.
  • You will need to provide your name and contact information, including email and phone number.
  • You will need to set your personalised ‘Bothered Threshold’.

By agreeing to these Terms of Service, you give your consent for us to obtain from you the information required to deliver this service.

The Company will keep your personal information securely and will only use your personal information to enable you to complete an application to purchase an Energy Plan from the energy retailer of your choice, or to provide your details to Partners with your consent.

The Service is independent of all Energy Retailers. The Service does not seek and Retailers do not pay commissions for any sales completed through the Service.

The presence or absence of fees does not impact the ranking of the Energy Plans compared by the Service, or the plans and retailers recommended by the service.


  1. You will upload an electricity bill through our website. Your electricity bill includes personal information which will be handled according to our Privacy Policy;
  2. You will provide additional personal information including your name, email address and phone number;
  3. You will pre-authorise a credit card payment to begin your 12 month subscription. The Service uses reputable external credit card processing providers and does not retain credit card numbers or CVC numbers at any time.
    • It is possible that the payment provider may make a small charge as part of its pre-authorization process. Any such charge will automatically be reversed when the pre-authorised transaction is processed or cancelled;
  4. You will nominate your Bothered Threshold, which is a minimum savings threshold to be achieved before we initiate any subsequent switches.
  5. We will use the information on your electricity bill to compare publicly available plans against your current plan assuming the same kWh consumption (and where relevant the same kWh solar export) over an equivalent time period, with a view to meeting or exceeding the Savings Guarantee on your electricity bill;
  6. Your subscription will be activated, and we will process your pre-authorized subscription payment only if we can find savings that meet or exceed the Savings Guarantee;
  7. We will provide you with personalised comparison results including a ranked list of plans and retailers, with the cheapest plan in the ranking used to determine the Savings Guarantee threshold;
  8. You will choose your preferred plan and retailer from the ranking we provide and we will facilitate your application to switch to your chosen plan and retailer;
  9. Where your chosen retailer supports Energy Smart Seamless Switching, you are required to provide additional information, including, a medical devices declaration, your ID and other information. We will handle your personal information according to Our Privacy Policy, and we will provide your personal information to your chosen retailer to initiate your switch, from which point your personal information will become subject to that retailer’s privacy policy;
  10. As part of initiating your Seamless Switch with your chosen retailer, we will provide your chosen retailer with a unique email address belonging to the Service to be used for delivery of bills

    • If the retailer billing system can accommodate a secondary billing email address, the unique Energy Smart address will be used only to receive bills sent by your retailer,

    • If the retailer billing system cannot deliver bills to a secondary email recipient, we will provide a separate unique email address to be used as your primary email contact address, and will auto-forward all emails received by that address to your own personal email address.

    Through one or other of these mechanisms, the Service will receive all future bills from your new retailer;

  11. If your chosen retailer does not yet support Energy Smart Seamless Switching, you are required to apply using that retailer’s existing online signup process. Energy Smart will provide you with a unique custom email address to be used for bill delivery and account correspondence. All emails sent to your unique Energy Smart email address will be auto-forwarded to your personal email address.
  12. We will repeat the bill analysis and personalised comparison process for all new bills sent to your custom email address, and will initiate additional switches whenever your minimum savings ‘Bothered Threshold’ can be achieved;
  13. If the Service is unable to identify savings that meet or exceed the Savings Guarantee on your first uploaded bill, Your pre-authorized payment will be cancelled and your subscription will not be activated.
  14. In the event that the Savings Guarantee cannot be achieved, Energy Smart may offer you a Discounted Subscription.

    • If you take up the Discounted Subscription offer, then the Discounted Subscription fee  will be paid from your pre-authorized payment, and the balance will be released to your account.

    • If you do not take up the Discounted Subscription offer, then your subscription will not be activated, and your pre-authorised payment will be released to your account.

  15. In order to complete the application to enter a Contract for an Energy Plan via the Service, you must supply all information required by the Service necessary to complete an application with the relevant Energy Retailer. If you do not supply all requested information, we will not be able to complete your switch.
  16. The Service updates its database of Energy Plan pricing frequently (not less than monthly) to offer Users currently available deals.
  17. The Company makes no representation that an Energy Retailer will accept your application to sign-up for an account with an Energy Retailer.
  18. If your chosen Retailer rejects your application, we will initiate a new application on your behalf to the next ranked plan and Retailer.
  19. Your subscription will auto-renew at the end of the subscription period• The subscription period can be extended through use of Referral Codes or other mechanisms as agreed between us from time to time.

    • Before the end of your subscription period we will notify you that our Agreement will auto-renew for a further 12 months unless you request that it terminates.

    • At the end of your subscription period, unless you have requested that it terminates, our Agreement will auto-renew and we will debit a further annual subscription fee from your account.